Why we recommend preparing a will here at iam|INSURED

With an unforeseeable view of what life will throw at us, are you prepared if the unfortunate happens?

Many people believe that their inheritance and belongings will automatically be passed on to their spouse, guardian or loved ones. However, this isn’t the case – In each scenario, a legally binding document, known as your will, will need to be drafted to ensure your assets and family are protected.

This document is highly important and will provide you with certainty that your wishes will be followed in the future when you’re no longer with us.

Our will writing services here at iam|INSURED

Along with our insurance products, we also offer a legally binding will writing service here at Iam Insured. With years of experience protection our customers and their loved ones, we are prepared to help you further protect your personal assets, ready for when the unfortunate happens.

Here at Iam Insured, we fully recommend completing a will that’s right for you. There are many generic services out there that only provide you with a standard say on how your personal assets will be dealt with. However, we go one step further and provide you with a will to fit your requirements – whether that be protecting your finances, personal belongings or family; Ensuring that the process for your loved ones is straightforward at times of loss.

We will take your personal requirements into consideration and run through all available and suitable options for you.

Be assured that we can help you prepare for the future and ensure your say goes. You are the expert when it comes to your family’s needs – we will merely support you in safeguarding their legal protection. If you would like to discuss your options further, contact our team today.

What will happen to my children if I sadly pass away?

Without your will, if you sadly pass away, the care authorities will have full responsibility in deciding the best options for your children. Therefore, we highly recommend completing the right will for you and your family, ensuring your children are brought up by those you see fit.

What will happen to my financial assets?

The choice is up to you if you prepare a legally binding will. Your hard-saved cash or investments will be protected and handed over to the appropriate individual if put in writing by yourself. The best way to protect your financial assets is by completing a will, fully taking your requirements into consideration.

What will happen if I fail to complete a will?

If you fail to complete any form of will, your personal assets, children or inheritance will be left in an uncertain position with no control. To ensure your wishes are seen through, complete your will today through our will writing services.

How much does a will cost?

The cost of your will, will vary depending on the structure you select based on your personal requirements. To find out more about costings, contact our team today.