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Thyroid conditions income protection insurance

Your thyroid is a small but important organ which controls your body’s metabolism, with thyroid conditions directly impacting your health and weight. Any medical condition including problems with your thyroid can have a big affect on your day to day life. You may worry that you would struggle financially, if you needed time off work due to thyroid conditions (or other illnesses or injuries).

Income protection insurance will provide you with a tax-free monthly income, if you are signed off work by a doctor or GP for 4 weeks or more. This can offer you some much needed extra support in paying for key monthly expenses such as mortgage or rent payments. You can speak to our income protection EXPERTS to find out more about income protection and how to find a great policy at a price to suit you.

Can I claim on income protection for thyroid conditions?

This type of cover can be extremely useful and valuable if you’re unable to work because of thyroid conditions. Income protection will usually payout for up to 12 or 24 months while you recover from your thyroid problem.

Income protection can be one of the best types of cover for thyroid conditions because it is more likely to payout.

It is also important to consider that if thyroid conditions are a pre-existing medical problem, then this might be excluded. You should check any offer of cover or your policy documents to make sure that you are properly protected.

Some reasons why you might need to claim on your income protection policy for thyroid conditions:

  • Time off work for treatment
  • Periods of longer-term sickness or incapacity
  • Recovery from treatment or surgery
  • Not able to work due to severity of symptoms

Income protection is designed to pay you a monthly income while you recover and are fit to work again.

Most income protection policies also provide support to help you to get back to work.

Income protection with thyroid conditions is also usually available, especially where the symptoms are mild to moderate with no complications. You might be offered cover with an exclusion applied for anything relating to your thyroid condition. You should check any offer of cover to make sure that it fits your needs.


Useful resources

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